Worship Services

Key Components of Worship

What is Worship | showing love, adoration and reverence
Whom do we worship | our Holy God
Why do we worship | because of Christ’s love to us
With whom do we worship | Other believers who also share in God’s gift of Salvation

Worship at Emmanuel is focused on preaching the good news of God’s unconditional love to us, as we find it in His Holy Word.

10 A.M Worship | Preaching the gospel of Christ crucified and our salvation
Join us for fellowship and coffee after the A.M. service

3 P.M Worship | Explaining what we know about the gospel through our confessions


What style of worship is followed in your services?
Liturgies at Emmanuel follow this general structure: God speaks to his people, through the Bible, and his people respond in prayer and song.

What should I wear?
We gather to worship our King and Savior! Members typically dress in a respectful manner.

Where does the money from church collections go to?
Collections are taken: 1.) to assist the needy who are entrusted into our care; and 2.) for specific charities. (*Visitors do not have to feel beholden)

Where to find us

Address: 8037 ON-7, Eramosa, ON
Phone: (519) 836-2270
Email: bulletin@emmanuelguelph.ca