Reformed Preaching

One of the central acts of worship is hearing the good news of our salvation preached to us.

Emmanuel is a Bible-believing church that views the Bible, in its entirety, to be the perfect and complete word of God to His people. In being Reformed Christians, our study and discovery of the Gospel is guided by many of the principles that were rediscovered in the 16th century Reformation.

Scripture over tradition | sola scriptura
Faith over works | sola fide
Grace over merit | sola gratia
Through Christ only | solo Christo
All glory to God | soli Deo Gloria

Our understanding of the Bible is enhanced through what we believe to be true explanations of God’s Word.
Heidelberg Catechism (Heidelberg Germany, 1563)
Belgic Confession (Belguim & Netherlands, 1561)
Cannons of Dort (Dortrecht Netherlands, 1619)
Westminster Confessions (Westminster Scotland, 1646)